We believe that art requires a particular set of senses, ones that can be taught and learned.

Let us explain our unique approach to developing young artists:

The 5 Senses of Art:

1.       Sense of space (perspective)

2.       Sense of relation between different sizes (proportions)               

3.       Sense of balance in placement of objects on the art surface (composition)

4.       Sense of tools and means (texture/medium, color, spots, shapes, 3-D values)

5.       Sense of a great adventure (the power of imagination and the joy of creativity)

Put these 5 senses together, and you have a successful artist capable of telling his or her own story on paper in the most impressive and expressive way.

In our classes we aim to help young artists explore all of these techniques and concepts in a variety of projects that challenge and teach, so that under our guidance, everyone has a chance to uncover their artistic senses.

Friday 6:30-8:30 (closed now) and Sunday 1:30-3:30

This class is mixed age group, from 8-year-old up to the end of the middle school. The projects include all kind of media and techniques, such as tempera, watercolors, color pencils, charcoal, oil pastel, printmaking, silk painting, mosaic, stained glass imitation, clay, glazing ready-made bisque clay, jewelry, calligraphy. They are changed to be repeated only in a month or so. It is always a clay day once in a month. It is a 5-minute break between 2 hours.

It may be couple of older students in any of this group, who will work on more advanced individual projects for their portfolio. Their topics cover portrait, figure drawing, perspective drawing, architectural drawing, highly detailed landscapes and animal drawing, acrylic and oil painting, veil watercolor painting and life-size clay head. These projects sometimes take more then one day to fulfill.

Sunday 4-6:00 12+ and adults

        Class is designed for teens and adults to enjoy and explore whatever style they prefer with focus on individual needs. Portfolio creation and advising may be part of the curriculum.

Private class for 1 to 4 person

The topics and subjects are discussed with students and parents and designed to better reach of the goal provided by them

New student 5-7- year-old Sunday 4-5 pm (closed now)

            The class is for the youngest artists and designed to give them the basic skills in drawing, painting and clay and develop their imagination in all possible ways. They also get unforgettable expierence with variety of art supplies. The projects are multi-stepped and planned based on a short attention spin of the young students.